Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello all
Today I want to talk about the politic, is one topic very boring for me… I dont friend to politic and political although I believe that is a topic very very important.
The next weekend I vote in the municipalities because is as important as well the presidential, although sincerely I dislike the two candidates because one option are choose the present mayor or choose the other candidate that don’t see good. I go to vote for carry out my civic duty apart for complain with right.
I feel that as the vote are optional the people don’t take with responsibly, was a play…was a proof to the people don’t interesting the politic or they are boring with the political system… in relation to this! I think that I don’t qualified for speak or express an opinion about the political system is very confused for me and believe that don’t interesting me.
Something that surprise me was to the people that see in the street, was to old people or young people… but the adult don’t was to vote, I think that the old people (register in the system) was for habit and the young people was for the “new experience”… in the social net was to talk about the municipalities, the young people invited to vote to other young with different comment very creative.
I think that in the presidential will go more people to vote because is more interesting and more people will like protest with the “vote”

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