Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello all =)

Today not there class 1313 but still we have to do the blog>. <

Today I want to talk about the greatest Chilean of all time ... in my case is a Chilean (she), I have not thought very well but I think that immediately came to my mind Violeta Parra!

Violeta Parra was recording artist, artisan and creative woman, expressing their opinion through art, I think I know a little more of her for by the film "Violeta se fue a los cielos" which I saw at the cinema, I think best of that movie was the music! Listen his music is amazing.

Well she was always concerned about the people, for discrimination, for the various ills of society! And through his music and art want to express this and more.

His works are important!  still... the people listen to your music and render honor to his music and even exhibitions with his works, she lived several years abroad and his works were in the Louvre

I would not know to ask =( maybe ask him a bit about their craft, the way of looked the life,  which it was inspired, I can think of nothing more >. <

I think it was a very strong woman, who fought for his ideals, she wanted to see a better world, that has inspired many others and I consider a role model

I think I will leave it with a song that I really like.


And listen to the song =B


Hi all! 

The teacher had practical activities today for the blog  to prepare the final test ... 

Today we did various activities, includin reading, vocabulary, listening, some easy and some other with harder difficul >. <

For my English is a little difficult so that the activities were complicated, having to read the short paragraph, I sometimes  what I find most difficult is to understand the questions.

As for listening activities is more difficult, because the recordings are very fast  >. <  speak robot not pesonas and one in life have different rhythms to speak.

As for vocabulatrio, had many unfamiliar words and others that were too familiar, I think this was the easy.

And finally what language, writing a letter was not difficult because the page you gave help to complete and because there are basic things tha make a letter.

The activities were fun, at least not bored, good for people who do not know English, because for those who know it must have been a total bored.


Monday, October 8, 2012

My present

Hello everybody

Today don’t want speak, talk and write about nothing but the teacher want that I write in the blog about a present (gift) and I will make for the point…

My last present was a two flower one red and other light pink with different leaf green was very, very beautiful!! I like much ….but this not is all, this present include other present, was a machine for make different handicraft in wood, glass, so on… and have million of accessory (lie… only… have hundred accessory xd) but this is wonderful  present.

My boyfriend gave me this present the last weekend, the machine was my present of birthday last and the flower for he want gave me (and the flower have a history but is very long for tell)

I liked because is a present that I want for a long time (the machine) and because is a useful gift  and help me with my different ideas about the handicraft =D  and the flower I liked because it arrived in the perfect moment , I felt very bad  but later I felt better.

The flower is in the living of my house and still is beautiful …and the machine is in my bedroom, the Sunday I used for make a panel for my photograph and other for crochet.


Monday, October 1, 2012

My firth Day


I want talk about my first day at university … I remember very much things that before I don’t remember, was in March to 2010 (was later of earthquake) my fellows and me enter to class to finish this month for different problem with the earthquake.

In this moment a felt nervous because for my in difficult speak with new people >.< and was the firth occasion that I alone travel in the bus or metro for long distant (I live in the north zone and I travel for one or two hours) I arrive to classroom with much, much persons (was 100 persons) and was difficult for me spoke with somebody but in a moment one person spoke with me for a psychology activity hahaha she was Elizabeth, she was my friend since the commence, with she work in the class or in the group… but this year is difficult because we have different class u.u

I don’t remember my firth class because the firth week was for different thing about information of course, different people and all we have need for begin very good the academic year.

I think that my firth class was “history” and I knew more people with they made one investigation spectacular about the woman in the Chilean and the teacher spoke all about Gabriel Salazar (the teacher was crazy for he).