Monday, October 8, 2012

My present

Hello everybody

Today don’t want speak, talk and write about nothing but the teacher want that I write in the blog about a present (gift) and I will make for the point…

My last present was a two flower one red and other light pink with different leaf green was very, very beautiful!! I like much ….but this not is all, this present include other present, was a machine for make different handicraft in wood, glass, so on… and have million of accessory (lie… only… have hundred accessory xd) but this is wonderful  present.

My boyfriend gave me this present the last weekend, the machine was my present of birthday last and the flower for he want gave me (and the flower have a history but is very long for tell)

I liked because is a present that I want for a long time (the machine) and because is a useful gift  and help me with my different ideas about the handicraft =D  and the flower I liked because it arrived in the perfect moment , I felt very bad  but later I felt better.

The flower is in the living of my house and still is beautiful …and the machine is in my bedroom, the Sunday I used for make a panel for my photograph and other for crochet.


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