Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello all =)

Today not there class 1313 but still we have to do the blog>. <

Today I want to talk about the greatest Chilean of all time ... in my case is a Chilean (she), I have not thought very well but I think that immediately came to my mind Violeta Parra!

Violeta Parra was recording artist, artisan and creative woman, expressing their opinion through art, I think I know a little more of her for by the film "Violeta se fue a los cielos" which I saw at the cinema, I think best of that movie was the music! Listen his music is amazing.

Well she was always concerned about the people, for discrimination, for the various ills of society! And through his music and art want to express this and more.

His works are important!  still... the people listen to your music and render honor to his music and even exhibitions with his works, she lived several years abroad and his works were in the Louvre

I would not know to ask =( maybe ask him a bit about their craft, the way of looked the life,  which it was inspired, I can think of nothing more >. <

I think it was a very strong woman, who fought for his ideals, she wanted to see a better world, that has inspired many others and I consider a role model

I think I will leave it with a song that I really like.


And listen to the song =B


  1. i like violeta too.. i think she was a great great person! i think it's coool you've talked about her.

  2. Mmm... I should watch that movie, it really picked my atention.

  3. I think that the OST of the movie was amazing too!!

  4. I thought writing about Violeta Parra! I also really like :)