Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello everybody

Today I want speak about the celebrations for Fiestas Patrias … for me and for my family is one day more of holiday, I think nowadays the celebrations is different, don’t have much mean for the people that live in Chile or the people live in the city, is more common see big traditional celebrations in other part of the country for example in the south.

But today write my Fiestas Patrias celebration … My typical celebration!!

with my family we turn in the Fiestas Patrias one year we are with the “mother family” and the next year with the “father family” and we share the day … too distribute the different task of the house… mainly my aunts made the salad, my uncles made the barbeques, my cousin made the different drink, my grandmother made the soup and me…I like eat all.

Firth with my family made the birthday of my aunt Maria for begin the weekend and finish in the celebration the Fiestas Patrias in the house of my grandmother, here I drank very much terremoto … and me went to the house of my boyfriend and made empanadas and chicha, too my law brother made “leche asada”.

I mainly enjoy  to be with my family, share with my family make me happy and feel good  (8)  not every day we can are together and too is very good the food , the empanadas and the barbeques or the pebre.

But even I want go to the fonda, this year cannot go for lack of time but the next year I wil go to fonda in the Pirque or the other place and I will dace cueca 1313


Monday, September 10, 2012


My friends are few , i know many people but real friend are 4 or 5 and I am very grateful to them, among them is my sister and my boyfriend… but today I want speak about a good friend.

He is Diego, I knew him in high school and since then we are friend (2006). We have many things in common, first the laugh… we laugh a lot, our laughter is heard from very far away. Second our love for bread, a marking of bread (daily fresh) that is exquisite. Third we want to travel, know and take photos.

Always do a lot of crazy, he advise me, talked a lot and always we maintain contact… Although sometimes bother us and we get angry … always ended up laughing.

With Diego I get together very often, almost always we get together with other friend to eat, we have made many very delicious food. When we are busy studying or working we write messages on cell phones or internet, or phone calls.

He accompanied me in many instances, good and bad… and I try to be always with him and pamper, the last thing he asked me to do… was a scart of two meter for her birthday.

I love you heart =)

Monday, September 3, 2012

2 0 1 2

I think too that 2012 is a strange year because I feel that never begin… study in January was horrible, boring and exhausting… but I learn much thing,  related with behavior people in special of young people =)

Related with the university I believe that not learned much because a while study and much break and laziness. The first half of the year was better and studies more.
 In my free time different activities … for example now I learn play guitar and not is difficult but my fingers suffer. Other thing is I make handcraft with different thing, I make earring, bracelet and more earring this is my specialty… and later I sell my handcraft =B
I think that I need more sport for this I buy a bicycle soon.
 I feel that not have problem in the past or in this moment, sometimes I think that my big problem is the university, I boring! The travel of my house to the university is long, get up early is bad =(
 My families are good, my friends are busy with the study and my boyfriend begins to work today.

I hope that begin the year 2013