Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello all!!! =)

Today I am very happy, this is the last class!! And too is the last post (I hope that in all my university life don’t see never more nothing of English hahaha this is my dream :B)
And think that begin with the topic before!! Today I want to talk about “the English” and my experience in English four >.<

Since that enter to university that I think that my English is horrible but my experience in the high school always was good, the university have that I feel nervous for speak in English u.u this is very difficult for me … I have problem with the English, not is my friend jajaja

But I think that I learn something for example now don’t use google translator, this is an advance although you don’t understand nothing of my post but for me is good not use translator and only use dictionary for make the post.

I believe that the blog is one good tool for learn English and for practice with different topic that like to the student… is very interesting and creative, is one different form for teach English.
I need improved many appearance of my English but in special my pronunciation and coherence >.< and don’t put nervous.

Well as say before I don’t feel good with the English but I think that I can begin practice more and speak more, my boyfriend always say me that speak in English for practice to class but I cannot … one time I say me that is very good listen music or see movie or watch TV in English but never I do this… I want to look for something that I like in English and begin used English in my life 1313  

Ok. This is the end!!!

And I feel good (8) 

Good Bye

Monday, November 19, 2012


Mark Cavendish collides with car during training in Italy

Summary about the new

Mark is a professional road racing cyclist and belongs to team Sky and yesterday he has an accident during training with the team Sky, the accident was a collision with a car while out riding, Mark suffered a bruised arm for the collision, the Sunday he written that he is good and that he has an accident with a car during the training for if anyone cares.

The past new show an accident of a cyclist and this can be look since the psychology , for many people is strange hear about the sport psychology but exist and help to sporty in different areas of the life… for example in the practice,  competition or with they have problem. For the new the psychology can help to sporty to get over  the health but more important resolver problem with recovery psychology and emotional for that the sporty can return to the competition and practice, and don’t have fear to make sport or other activity related with the sport.

The new not is very important and is a little boring but I chose this new because I want talk about one area of psychology few explore, this is the sport psychology and I think that is an interesting topic for study and help to sporty and the behavior or problem in the sport… really is very interesting and very crazy too.

 For more information about the new visit to next link
PD: In the photo that you can see in the internet (in the new) is Mark and this is photo he don’t see good, don’t is his best angle.

Monday, November 12, 2012

What dreams may come =)

Hello all

Today I want to talk about … for the moment I wait that the teacher goes up the topic in the blog… well she want that I speak about my opinion about one video…lie! I have to speak about one movie with the enjoyed.

 I think in one very special this is “What dreams may come” in a beginning I don’t saw the movie because pass me a person that is evangelical and I think that is a “religion” movie but not… this is the best movie!! And always I recommend to see although is very old. The saw with my family, my boyfriend, my friend and alone (hahaha)

Is a film to 1998, the director is Vicent Wart and the principal actor is Robin Williams, Basically the film is the history of the life Cris (Robin) his children dead in an accident and time later he dead too and the his wife is with a depression… when Cris arrive to heaven understand that his heaven is a draw-Painting of the wife…and other character Albert say to Cris about the heaven and that all choose our heaven… Cris know that his wife …she is a suicidal and she is in the hell and choose go to she!! =)

For me is very nice this the film because I think similar about the heaven, hell and the soul sister =B  I feel that I find something similar in my heaven or hell.

The end is the best!!
I recommend the people with all my heart 1313 ( What dreams may come) fragment

"Te perdono porque eres tan maravillosa 
que un hombre preferiría el infierno al cielo
 sólo por estar contigo"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello all
Today I want to talk about the politic, is one topic very boring for me… I dont friend to politic and political although I believe that is a topic very very important.
The next weekend I vote in the municipalities because is as important as well the presidential, although sincerely I dislike the two candidates because one option are choose the present mayor or choose the other candidate that don’t see good. I go to vote for carry out my civic duty apart for complain with right.
I feel that as the vote are optional the people don’t take with responsibly, was a play…was a proof to the people don’t interesting the politic or they are boring with the political system… in relation to this! I think that I don’t qualified for speak or express an opinion about the political system is very confused for me and believe that don’t interesting me.
Something that surprise me was to the people that see in the street, was to old people or young people… but the adult don’t was to vote, I think that the old people (register in the system) was for habit and the young people was for the “new experience”… in the social net was to talk about the municipalities, the young people invited to vote to other young with different comment very creative.
I think that in the presidential will go more people to vote because is more interesting and more people will like protest with the “vote”