Monday, November 19, 2012


Mark Cavendish collides with car during training in Italy

Summary about the new

Mark is a professional road racing cyclist and belongs to team Sky and yesterday he has an accident during training with the team Sky, the accident was a collision with a car while out riding, Mark suffered a bruised arm for the collision, the Sunday he written that he is good and that he has an accident with a car during the training for if anyone cares.

The past new show an accident of a cyclist and this can be look since the psychology , for many people is strange hear about the sport psychology but exist and help to sporty in different areas of the life… for example in the practice,  competition or with they have problem. For the new the psychology can help to sporty to get over  the health but more important resolver problem with recovery psychology and emotional for that the sporty can return to the competition and practice, and don’t have fear to make sport or other activity related with the sport.

The new not is very important and is a little boring but I chose this new because I want talk about one area of psychology few explore, this is the sport psychology and I think that is an interesting topic for study and help to sporty and the behavior or problem in the sport… really is very interesting and very crazy too.

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PD: In the photo that you can see in the internet (in the new) is Mark and this is photo he don’t see good, don’t is his best angle.


  1. I don't like the sport psychology,but is very interesant know differents areas and maybe freak areas like that. :D

  2. Hi.. i've heard about Sport Psychology, but honestly i don't know much about it.. do you like it??

  3. The sport psychology is very interesting! I like it.