Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello all!!! =)

Today I am very happy, this is the last class!! And too is the last post (I hope that in all my university life don’t see never more nothing of English hahaha this is my dream :B)
And think that begin with the topic before!! Today I want to talk about “the English” and my experience in English four >.<

Since that enter to university that I think that my English is horrible but my experience in the high school always was good, the university have that I feel nervous for speak in English u.u this is very difficult for me … I have problem with the English, not is my friend jajaja

But I think that I learn something for example now don’t use google translator, this is an advance although you don’t understand nothing of my post but for me is good not use translator and only use dictionary for make the post.

I believe that the blog is one good tool for learn English and for practice with different topic that like to the student… is very interesting and creative, is one different form for teach English.
I need improved many appearance of my English but in special my pronunciation and coherence >.< and don’t put nervous.

Well as say before I don’t feel good with the English but I think that I can begin practice more and speak more, my boyfriend always say me that speak in English for practice to class but I cannot … one time I say me that is very good listen music or see movie or watch TV in English but never I do this… I want to look for something that I like in English and begin used English in my life 1313  

Ok. This is the end!!!

And I feel good (8) 

Good Bye

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  1. Better you make English your friend, because it's in all the places you will find...English, English everywere