Monday, November 12, 2012

What dreams may come =)

Hello all

Today I want to talk about … for the moment I wait that the teacher goes up the topic in the blog… well she want that I speak about my opinion about one video…lie! I have to speak about one movie with the enjoyed.

 I think in one very special this is “What dreams may come” in a beginning I don’t saw the movie because pass me a person that is evangelical and I think that is a “religion” movie but not… this is the best movie!! And always I recommend to see although is very old. The saw with my family, my boyfriend, my friend and alone (hahaha)

Is a film to 1998, the director is Vicent Wart and the principal actor is Robin Williams, Basically the film is the history of the life Cris (Robin) his children dead in an accident and time later he dead too and the his wife is with a depression… when Cris arrive to heaven understand that his heaven is a draw-Painting of the wife…and other character Albert say to Cris about the heaven and that all choose our heaven… Cris know that his wife …she is a suicidal and she is in the hell and choose go to she!! =)

For me is very nice this the film because I think similar about the heaven, hell and the soul sister =B  I feel that I find something similar in my heaven or hell.

The end is the best!!
I recommend the people with all my heart 1313 ( What dreams may come) fragment

"Te perdono porque eres tan maravillosa 
que un hombre preferiría el infierno al cielo
 sólo por estar contigo"

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