Monday, August 27, 2012

Santiago is not Chile

Is a television program, very good =) you learn a lot of the other cities of Chile.

But today I have to talk about Santiago...I've been living in Santiago many years.

What I like about the city of Santiago is that you can find everything, is the center of the country, from zoos to very cheap shopping ... going through museums, cinema, parks and infinities of surprising places ... Santiago has everything!  That’s good because you need not go far to get what we want, at least that I live near downtown.

what I do not like, I think it's also what you do not like the majority of people living in Santiago ... pollution, the number of people, traffic jams, how fast it moves the world ... I do not like because it makes people be hysterical and angry , not see the beauty of their lives and above all fall into the routine.

Is hard to say what changes would ... I think it would have to be primarily related to pollution, quality of life, with the way people live.
People who come to see Santiago, I would say to visited  the city but not only popular places of interests... walk through the streets,  parks, traveling by subway...

I think Santiago is a good place if you know which place to go and how to go


Monday, August 20, 2012

Julian Assange

I think that is a difficult case because involve different politic, ideology and thought of several country… too because is different continent, this affect much the form of look a problem.
I don’t speak about the guilt of Julian because not know about the topic… but can say that think exist the free expression and the free possibility of do anything … clear without damage to other people… about the rape is necessary evidence and  prove his guilt.
I think that Ecuadorians have right to help Julian if believe that is necessary and important … help to person with problem.
I think that is one little exaggerate sentence to somebody to death for do thing that some people to consider good and other bad. Is for this that thing is good that help to Julian without matter if is guilty or not.
I hope that he goes to Ecuador and that they help in his problem. I chance for interview I have question about what think about the stir that to cause in the world.
I think that the difficult experience much time have negative consequence but too learning and change that can help to other person.