Monday, October 29, 2012


Hi all! 

The teacher had practical activities today for the blog  to prepare the final test ... 

Today we did various activities, includin reading, vocabulary, listening, some easy and some other with harder difficul >. <

For my English is a little difficult so that the activities were complicated, having to read the short paragraph, I sometimes  what I find most difficult is to understand the questions.

As for listening activities is more difficult, because the recordings are very fast  >. <  speak robot not pesonas and one in life have different rhythms to speak.

As for vocabulatrio, had many unfamiliar words and others that were too familiar, I think this was the easy.

And finally what language, writing a letter was not difficult because the page you gave help to complete and because there are basic things tha make a letter.

The activities were fun, at least not bored, good for people who do not know English, because for those who know it must have been a total bored.


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